It's happening!

Blemish Books is teaming up with Noted festival to produce ‘Pulpture’, a collaborative arts project designed to find creative ways to re-purpose unsold books. 

We’re super excited to see how our Pulpture artists reimagine these books and give them a second life.  The artwork will be on display at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre Hyperdome shopfront from 4th to the 6th of May 2017, and at the Black Box theatre at the Gorman House Arts Centre on Sunday 7th May 2017. 

If you want to know the story behind Pulpture, see our news page.

For more information about this project, please email info@blemishbooks.com.au or call Lesley on 0468 993 087. 

Pulpture Artist Line-up

We’re delighted to officially announce the Pulpture artist line-up.  Blemish Books would like to thank Sarah, Kermie Breydon, Angharad Lodwick, Nicci Haynes and Brooke McEachern for devoting their time and creativity to turning our unsold books into art. 

Nicci Haynes

Pulpture bu Nicci Haynes

Pulpture by Nicci Haynes

Books, text and legibility are frequent topics for Nicci Haynes, so she was pleased to accept Blemish Books' kind permission to perpetrate damage to books in the pursuit of art for the Noted festival. 'In the end', Nicci says, 'I have not really done too much damage. I have just reorientated the book structure: they still look like books and the text is present although viewed from the ends of cut book sections'.  Here’s a sneak peek at Nicci’s intriguing work.

Brooke McEachern

Brooke McEachern is a drawing and print media artist studying visual arts and art history for her third year at the ANU School of Art and Design. For Pulpture she has created, ‘Let's Talk About Text’, a mixed media discussion of environmental disruption. The work consists of two pieces, ‘the birds’ and ‘the bees’, both of which are species fundamental to the pollination of many Australian flora and whose demise from pollution, insecticides and climate change would cause irrecoverable damage to the ecosystem. Only by societal change can they live on outside the pages of history books.  Check out Brooke’s work on Instagram at @studio.brooklyn

Angharad Lodwick

A certified Canberra bibliophile, Angharad Lodwick, has a particular obsession with books that have coloured edges. Angharad runs the book blog Tinted Edges as well as the monthly book podcast Lost the Plot. Through Pulpture, Angharad is hoping you will join her to give some books a new lease on life by decorating their pages. You can also connect with Angharad on Facebook

Kermie Breydon

Kermie Breydon's art and critical practice explores mutual influence among place, people and story.  Their Pulptural work will invite you to peer behind and around the colourful highlights and frenetic pacing of an animated travel diary.


Sarah is a lover of all things creative - with a soft spot for sweet lyrics and street art. She hopes to create a triptych art piece showcasing the poets in issues 1-3 of the 'Triptych Poets' published by Blemish Books, whilst threading her own expression across all. Grateful to be a part of Pulpture in 2017, the year of the Rooster (her self-determined year of 'doing'), you can follow Sarah on Twitter or Instagram @hashtageskay

The Pulpture exhibition will be on at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre Hyperdome shopfront from 4th to the 6th of May 2017, and at the Black Box theatre at the Gorman House Arts Centre on Sunday 7th May 2017.