Triptych Poets


Triptych Poets Issue 1
Triptych Poets Issue 1

In 2010 Blemish Books kicked off a new series of poetry collections – the Triptych Poets series.

The concept is simple – three poets: one book.

We believe that all poetry (consciously or sub-consciously) reflects, reacts to and shapes the understanding of the poetry of its time - no poem can be read in isolation.

By combining the work of three poets into one book, we’re hoping to highlight the contrasting and often complementary nature of contemporary poetry.


Issue One was released on 3 October 2010. It features the work of Ray Liversidge, Hilaire, Mary Mageau.

Issue Two was released on 6 October 2011. It features the work of Stuart Cooke, Bronwen Manger and Ouyang Yu.

Issue Three was released on 20 September 2012. It features the poetry of PS Cottier, Joshua Inman and Joan Kerr.

Copies of Triptych Poets are available from our bookstore.


Submissions to Triptych Poets are currently closed.